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Collaborate. Create.

We, DLA want to work with all sorts of people, from Corporate Services (Financing, Mergers & Acquisition, IPO Listings) to IT (AI , Blockchain Accounting , softwares) - Anything and Everything!

With the Right People, Great Things Can Happen

You spent years specializing in your service - you now want to set up your office BUT :-

Office space & Rental

Hiring your own Staff

Registering a Company

Assets upfront (Computers & Furnitures)

Admin cost (Printer - Wifi)

Enough  Clients?

Our Partnership Program!

Talk to us! we are happy to share DLAs' Base of Operations all for FREE to use - Office space - Admin staff - HR - Printing Machines -Meeting rooms - Lawyers - Like-minded professionals - Whatever you need to help you Succeed! Too good to be true? Try us.

"I believe a Firm can be People-Driven and not Profit-Driven"

Services for Founders,
by Founders

The Partners listed here All share the same Values. They care as much as we do.

One partner per specialization industry as they truly are the best. Feel free to connect!

Long Adman

(Corporate Lawyer)

Firoz Julian 

- Corporate Litigation

- Civil Litigation

- Banking Litigation



Dash Kumar

(Civil Lawyer)

Tan Kong Hai & Tui

- Civil Litigation

- Contract & Agreements

- Dispute Resolution








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