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Malaysia SST

The Malaysia Sales and Service Tax (SST) applies to the sale and provision of goods and services at varying rates. The SST rate has been revised from 6% to 8%, with effective from 1 March 2024.

SST threshold:

All businesses (except exempted goods)

Sales > RM500,000

Food and beverage sector

Sales > RM1,500,000


Revised SST rates:

Sales tax @ 5%

·        Petroleum oils

·        Construction materials

·        Timepieces

·        Cod liver oil

·        Telecommunications

·        Foodstuffs

·        IT

·        Printing materials

·        Hardware

Service tax @ 6%

·        Domestic flight

·        Restaurants

·        Electricity

·        Telecoms

·        Digital supplies

Service tax @ 8%

·        Hotel and accommodation industry

·        Credit card and charge card processing

·        Entertainment and leisure industry

·        Maintenance or repair services

·        Professional services

·        Other services industry

Sales tax @ 10%

Standard sales tax rate on taxable goods and imported taxable goods. Generally applied to luxury items.


Any zero-rated supplies (e.g. raw food, sugar, water and utilities)

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